At Canberra Home Builders our priority is for the safety of our employees, trades people, suppliers, customers, their families and the broader community. Yes, we are still open for business, however working with a new set of protocols as set out by the Australian Government, Department of Health and ACT Workcover.

Reliable Home Builders Near You

One of the more relevant questions that should be asked of a home building service is where they operate. A home building service with an office 100 kilometres (or more) away is not going to be able to work as efficiently as a truly local service. They will not be familiar with the regulations or the local tradespeople in the area. 

The end result will be inefficiency and a more costly build process. Local builders also have a reputation to maintain, but poor jobs conducted far away have less of a personal impact. 

Canberra Home Builders have been building in the area for 18 years. Some of the specific locations we work in include:

Before we begin working in your area, we will need to know some details of the specific block of land you intend to build on, including basic dimensions. The more detail you give us on your location, the better we will be able to commence our operations. Planning is everything when it comes to home build and design, and details really matter.  

For more information about the services we provide and where we provide them, contact Richard Bradford now on 02 6171 6104.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your registered office?

We have offices in both Canberra and Queanbeyan. We are licenced in both New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Our registered business location is in Canberra, New South Wales. 

What areas does Canberra Home Builders specialise in?

We specialise in residential builds and knock down rebuilds in the Canberra region and surrounds. We can provide custom plans or work with plans obtained from an architect. We can provide single, double, or triple storey builds as well as home extensions. 

How can I save money on a new home build in the Canberra region?

Advise the architect on your budget before the build starts. Architects can devise blueprints with little mind paid to the cost, as they are not responsible for the build itself. At the bare minimum, engage a builder on the plans for methods to reduce costs. It also helps to simply be aware of the home building process and what items affect the price significantly. Making serious structural changes halfway through the project is a surefire way to increase cost and complexity. 

What is the Canberra Home Builders development process?

For more information on our build process, check out our dedicated page. We further recommend downloading our free Ebook so you have more information on the process. Each client has their own dedicated client portal with notifications and milestones. You will also meet with Richard face to face to know the kind of personality you are dealing with. We emphasise transparency and communication in all of our interactions. 

How can I trust Canberra Home Builders?

We are a local building service with a large portfolio of projects in the area that you can check. We are reliable home builders near you with a reputation to maintain. Our licence and ABN numbers are easy to find on this website, and we provide public liability insurance. We do recommend that you call us up for a chat. Physical communication is still the best way to increase trust and transparency, despite all of the technological innovations in the industry. 

What are the advantages of being a local builder?

We know all the best tradespeople – electricians, framers, roofers, tilers, plumbers, carpenters, etc. We also know the second best tradespeople, which is important given that the best are not always available. We work with reliable tradies and have a solid network. We are familiar with local regulations. We know where to get the best materials and how to build thermally efficient houses with the climate in mind. Local builders are more affordable yet deliver higher quality builds than those who operate outside of their comfort zone. 

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