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Top 8 Home Designs for 2021

Interior design is one of the most interesting parts of creating your new home. Your house is a reflection of who you are and how you design it says a lot about your personality. 2021 has already seen a lot of popular designs that are being incorporated into new home builds. The following are 8 of the most popular home designs for 2021.

#1 – Office Spaces

No surprises here. With an ongoing COVID-19 scenario, people are being forced to work from home. Which means they will need a dedicated office to do so. The office needs to be located away from the kitchen and the living area. This is so that people can focus purely on their work without getting distracted. The office needs to come with a solid desk, ergonomic chair, minimalist design, office friendly colours, and appropriate lighting and wiring for the internet connection.

#2 – Grand Millennial

This design is about incorporating traditional furniture into a modern framework. It is essentially old fashioned furniture (vintage, victorian, etc) placed artistically in more recent design settings. This trend is quite new but is gaining a lot of traction right now.

#3 – Top to Bottom Windows

Light plays a huge role in home design and the sale of homes. People like increased light and will be put off from purchasing or designing a home that is dark and pokey. So it stands to reason that people are embracing windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling. This is often featured in living spaces where the windows double as doors that can be opened. It can also feature in a bedroom with an attached balcony.

#4 – Quartz Countertops

Quartz kitchen countertops are becoming more and more popular, and this trend will continue after 2021. It is a practical and versatile crystal that really gives a kitchen and dining area a shiny appeal without having to resort to hospital white all over. Quartz counters pair well with dark and light cabinets and are easy to integrate.

#5 – Decks & Outdoor Dining

A deck is an easy way to enhance home value at quite a low cost. You can also add a tasteful pergola or shelter so that people can dine in peace. The bottom line is that people prefer and are meant to eat outdoors with fresh air and sunshine. They are not meant to eat in dark and enclosed environments. This trend has been around for the past decade and will continue to play a prime role in home design.

#6 – Biodesign Furniture

This is furniture that is made from recycled (but clean!) materials. The benefits of this are quite obvious, as you will be helping the environment significantly. This is linked to the eternal trend of blending the indoors with outdoors. People want to enjoy the elements but be protected from the elements at the same time. Getting the balance right is critical.

#7 – Designer Kitchens

Practically everybody is becoming a chef these days, or is at least trying to be! This means designer kitchens that are large and functional, yet still look the part. Think huge ovens and impressive cutlery with nice lighting alongside a quartz countertop. These kitchens are spacious and blend effortlessly into the dining and living areas.

#8 – Adaptable Layouts

With space at a premium in Australia, we are seeing more and more adaptable layouts that make the most of the area. This is not only being seen in big cities. It features shifting walls and compartmentalization of kitchen areas, as well as beds that fold into walls.

These are the top 8 home designs for 2021. At least these are the ones that many clients seem to prefer.

Though we are not specifically interior designers, we can assist with the structural layout so you have the space to design the home how you see fit.

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